Photos: Five memorable Missed Connections from PrideFest weekend on Denver Craigslist

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Big photos below.
The joyous weekend of PrideFest was not without its misfortunes, in the form of chance interactions and longing gazes that left one party wanting more, but not knowing where to find it. Enter Craigslist Missed Connections, questionably the only matchmaking tool worse than The Bachelor/Bachelorette TV series, but nonetheless entertaining. Read on for five of the most amusing, though sometimes puzzling, missed connections from Denver PrideFest 2012.

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5. Looking for Sexy Police Officer
If you're envisioning hotpants and cleavage, think again. This person is searching for a real police officer, not someone in a sorority girl-esque Halloween costume. "I made a horrible joke about you handcuffing me," she writes. Nothing is worse that arrested love.

4. Voter registration at Pride yesterday
We're not really sure if this registered voter is looking for a specific registrar, or just anyone who was carrying a clipboard that day: "Obviously there were many of you so if you did this, e-mail me and we'll see if we're a match."

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