Goodwin and Robischon shows prove abstraction is still a force in contemporary art

"Snowflake," by Bryan Nash Gill, pine.

Michael Paglia's review of Material Abstraction at the Robischon Gallery (through June 30) and Bryan Nash Gill: Cut Wood at Goodwin Fine Art (through June 22) explores contemporary abstraction while showcasing pieces by regional and national artists. Both shows, he writes, help "to prove that abstraction is still a major force in contemporary art."

Continue reading Paglia's review: "Abstraction continues to make a stand at the Robischon and Goodwin galleries."

Below are some images from the shows.

"Portal," by Linda Fleming, chromed steel. Robischon Gallery.

"Downburst," by Reed Danziger, mixed media on panel. Robischon Gallery.

"Sandbag (Red)," by John McEnroe, resin, nylon and sand. Robischon Gallery.

"Untitled 32," by Derrick Velasquez, vinyl and maple. Robischon Gallery.

Images from Bryan Nash Gill: Cut Wood at Goodwin Fine Art are on the next page.

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Robischon Gallery

1740 Wazee St., Denver, CO

Category: General

Goodwin Fine Art

1255 Delaware Street, Denver, CO

Category: General

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