Photos: VaVaVette sneak peek: Vintage/burlesque clothing madness

The erstwhile and beloved burlesque emcee queen Cora Vette (aka Reyna Von Vett) is finally doing what she's threatened to do for a while now: opening up a store -- and with her burlesque wife Eve Vette, no less! And burlesque and vintage clothing enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that she's got all kinds of ability to custom-make clothing to your taste and shape. We stopped by the place (3501 Wazee Street, in the Wazee Union) for a sneak peek at what you'll see Friday night at the opening from 6 to 10 p.m.


VaVaVette is just south of the main Wazee Union block of offices; it has its own outside entrance.


Look for the completely adorable hanger on the door.


Entire burlesque costumes like this pink fringed number are for sale -- and you can order almost everything you see in the store custom-made to your exact specifications.


You'll also see all kinds of hand-made vintage clothing for sale.


There are some options for the boylesque artists, too -- including vests, boy-shorts and garments that I only know how to describe as "banana hammocks."

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