What's in your bag? Style as sharp as a knife and as smooth as a llama

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As summer arrives, fashion takes a bold leap into the future. Fix your eyes on this week's street-style contenders, who display style as sharp as a knife and as smooth as a llama.

Name: Sarah Barili

Spotted at: 13th and Broadway.

Profession: Server at Mellow Mushroom and freelance painter.

Favorite film: El Piel Que Habito, or The Skin I Live In by Pedro Almodovar.

Summer anthem: "Settle Down" by Kimbra.

Style inspirations/ icons: I'm inspired by the pages of Allure and Vogue.

Favorite accessory: I have this gold necklace that has an empty bird cage and a bird sitting outside the cage. It's a symbol of freedom, a free bird.

Favorite color: Yellow because it's energetic.

Style mantra: I always ask myself: do I look like I am trying too hard?The answer should always be no. I want my look to appear effortless.

Shops at: Buffalo Exchange, American Apparel, Express and Guess.


Barili has many tattoos, this one is a tribute to her mother who passed away fifteen years ago.


Tattoos are permanent accessories connected to us at all times.


"I picked up these Dr. Martin boots back in Seattle, right before I moved to Denver" says Barili.

Take a look inside Sarah Barili's purse on page 2!

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