Ten best Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes

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The omnipotent Q (John de Lancie) is a fan favorite, even though his episodes aren't necessarily among the series' best. But in season six's "Tapestry," he does some good work. Picard dies after his artificial heart suffers damage and he meets Q in the afterlife. Q offers Picard a chance to go back to his youth and change things so he never has to have an artificial heart, only to find that taking the safe path in the past leads him to a life of mediocrity. Having taught his lesson, Q restores Picard to his original timeline and Dr. Crusher revives him. Not only is it the TNG version of It's a Wonderful Life, but this episode offers a fantastic glimpse into the backstory of its best character (Picard) while finally giving Q a great episode in which to shine.

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