Five zombie movies that will prepare you for Run For Your Lives

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This Saturday, when the Run For Your Lives 5K race comes to Denver, the fast and wary will survive. The rest will be zombie fodder. That's right -- at long last, someone has combined a 5K obstacle-course race with the walking dead. Or in this case, the running dead. Sure, zombie purists may hate them, but something tells us the zombies of Run For Your Lives aren't too concerned with what purists think: They're going to run, so you need to be ready. We can't offer much in the way of fitness tips for competitors, but we can provide a few helpful resources -- in the form of movies you should watch to familiarize you with that most dangerous of undead foe: the running zombie.

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5. 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later
If you're looking for a primer on fast zombies, either of the 28 ... Later movies offer all the running, jumping, crazed zombies you could ever hope to never actually run into. Both films deal with a virus that causes the infected to go berserk and attack anyone uninfected -- scratching, clawing and biting at them in an uncontrollable rage. The first, 28 Days Later, is even a really great film. It's also largely responsible for kicking off the modern trend of running zombie movies. Oh, and for those who would argue that these aren't zombies, go ahead and argue it with them while they're trying to bite a hole in your face. Or better yet, save your breath for running like hell.

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??? Rage virus = zombies? What am I missing?

Brad McHargue
Brad McHargue

28 DAYS/WEEKS LATER are not zombie films. You know this Cory, even if you won't admit it. 

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