Photos: "Fan Friday" art outside Coors Field on display this weekend

outman- street art 10.jpg
Kelsey Outman
In celebration of "Fan Friday", two street artists are recreating the first Rockies cartoon ever created by former Rocky Mountain News cartoonist Drew Litton on the sidewalk outside Coors Field.

Eric Matelski and Kyle Banister were asked to create a second work for the official start of the second half of the season, after their work on opening day was well received by fans and the team.

"We wanted to repeat the art for the fans," says Banister. "We changed the art though because we didn't win on opening day, so we decided to do a reproduction of Drew Litton's."

"It's a good location," says Matelski. "We look forward to boosting everybody's fan spirit before going in."

Matelski and Banister utilized both chalk and paint to best represent the cartoon.

Look for the art across from the main entrance on your way into the game tonight. Check out more photos and the evolution of the piece below:

Outman- Rockies street art 1.jpg
Kelsey Outman
Drew Litton's orginal cartoon

Outman- Rockies street art 3.jpg
Kelsey Outman
Eric Matelski and Kyle Banister

Outman- Rockies street art 4.jpg
Kelsey Outman
Eric Matelski

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