Seven experimental films under seven minutes long

Crossover was a hallmark of early avant-garde art. Experimental music influenced experimental dance; experimental dance influenced experimental film; experimental film influenced experimental art. Tonight, with "Film/Still: The Short Films of Maya Deren" at Denver FilmCenter, the Denver Film Society and the Clyfford Still Museum will partner to examine a possible artistic connection between these two modernist luminaries.

To get the discussion going, we compiled this primer -- a list of seven experimental films that are under seven minutes each.

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A pioneer of the experimental film genre, Deren was the epitome of a crossover artist herself -- she was also a dancer, choreographer, writer, and theorist. Her films are elegant constructions, focused on movement and sensory images and full of symbolism; many of them are also very tight, clocking in at under twenty minutes. Those who attend the Denver Film Society event will get the chance to see a number of Deren's most celebrated films, including the precedent-setting Meshes of the Afternoon.

For now, here is Deren's Study of Choreography for Camera:

And here is Ensemble for Somnambulists:

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