Guess where I'm biking near this monolith and win a Denver B-cycle season pass

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Denver is full of creative people doing creative things. We have the best graphic designers, the best videographers, the best photographers, the best decorators, the best lighting people, the best architects, and most importantly, the best public art. All over Denver, we are exposed to different styles of art influenced by all types of people. This monolith stands above them all, and can be seen from all sorts of view points around the city.

Can you guess where I'm biking near this massive structure, and the name of it, to win a season pass to B-cycle?

Thumbnail image for b-cycle photo.jpg
Can you guess where I'm biking? Leave a comment below (be as specific as possible.)

The winner receives a Denver B-cycle 2012 season pass -- a $80 value -- for free!

Just leave your best guess in the comments section and make sure you include an e-mail (whether in your Disqus profile or in the comment itself) so we can contact you if you're the winner.

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 Articulated wall and maybe you are biking on the S Platter River trail looking east


Articulated wall


 Denver Design Center complex at 595 South Broadway


denver design center!

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