Metropolis explores the urban side of art at Kanon Collective

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Corrina Espinosa, for "Metropolis."
Ever since the cavemen used embers to sketch animals on their cave walls, humans have been making art about where and how they live. But the city is a far cry from a prehistoric cave, and portraying the cosmopolitan scene is a lot more complicated for modern-day artists than it was for our ancient, cave-dwelling ancestors.

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Corrina Espinosa
Metropolis, a group show inspired by the city and juried by Ken Hamel of, will be celebrated with an award ceremony tonight at the Kanon Collective Art Gallery, which is filled with art inspired by all things urbane, both beautiful and profane.

Corrina Espinosa
Tonight's Third Friday reception runs from 5 to 9 p.m., with awards handed out at 7 p.m.; Metropolis continues through July 29. For more information visit Kanon online.

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Kanon Collective

766 Santa Fe, Denver, CO

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