Missi Kroge of the Secret Servix all-girl scooter club on the birth of Mile High Mayhem

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Missi and husband Jon's wedding at the Euro Lambretta scooter rally in Assisi made the Italian papers in 2003.
What is it about group riding, or in general, scooter riding, that is special to you?

I was never in a sorority, or anything like that. But I imagine it's kind of like that: a group of friends with a common denominator of enjoying scooter riding. And enjoying each other and having something to do, planning events, doing things together. There are a lot of creative girls in our club, so it's fun to get together.

It's such a great feeling to be able to get on your scooter and just ride. It's the freedom of being able to go anywhere -- and look cute doing it. [Laughs.]

Why did you get into scooters in the first place?

The style. Scooters are unique. Most of the time, scooters are one-of-a-kind; you can't just go to the store and buy one. You have to find one, and it's kind of the thrill of the hunt. My favorite scooter I own is a 1959 Series 1 Lambretta -- it so happened that, as the internet was getting started and I was living at the pub scout house, a farmer from Nebraska called the house and I happened to answer the phone. He had seen (a posting on the Internet) about the scooter club, and said he had one of these scooters, and offered to sell it for $500. For $50, he drove it to Denver. I still have it today.

You have multiple scooters -- Do you know what you'll be riding for the rally?
I have a friend coming out from San Francisco, and she's going to be riding my Series 1. I might ride my Starstream Labretta, or I have a Vespa 150 with a 135 engine in it, or talk to my husband (Jon Kroge) into letting me ride his Lambretta DL. I married my mechanic. [Laughs] My husband runs Jet200, which focuses mainly on Lambrettas and Lambretta parts. I don't mind working on my own scooters, but it's nice to not to have to sit in a (work) meeting nowadays and be digging the dirt out from under my nails. [Laughs.] I guess that's a sign that I've grown up.

You and Jon got married in Italy at a scooter rally, right?

We had both been into scooters for a while, and we were planning a trip to Euro Lambretta in Italy in 2003. A friend who is originally from Italy and was going to be traveling with us said, "Hey! Why don't you just get married while you're in Italy?" It's a ton of paperwork to make it legit over there, but luckily, we had some people helping us out. There's nothing like getting married at a scooter rally with all of these people. [Laughs.]

We were in Assisi, and Vittorio (Tessera) -- who runs Casa Lambretta, a company that makes reproductions of Lambretta parts -- pulled out an old car that was previously used to tour the Lambretta factory. The last person who rode in it was Prince Philip, so it had, like, the British flag all over it, and a clear plastic roof. I drove up in that, and my husband drove up on the scooter -- which we now own. We got married there, in the middle of town, and the press showed up. It was weird.

We then caught up with the scooter rally, so it was like having a really big wedding reception with a bunch of people from all over Europe who didn't speak English. [Laughs.]

Mile High Mayhem begins tonight, with a ride kicking off at 8 p.m. from GB Fish & Chips, 5325 East Colfax Avenue. Riders will continue down the main strip, picking up scooter clubs along the way, and eventually meet up at Nallen's, 1429 Market Street. For a full schedule of Mayhem events running throughout the weekend, visit the rally's official website.

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Wow...has it been that long?

Lots of familiar names in this article - had a lot of fun  - miss those times!

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