Photos, Video: "Virga: The Sound Performance"

Outman- Virga3.jpg
Kelsey Outman

Dozens of art admirers gathered at the Delgany bridge by the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver Friday night to view "Virga: The Sound Performance," a work that featured sound designed to complement Virga, the art piece on the bridge.

Outman- Virga2.jpg
Kelsey Outman
Artist Patrick Marold.

Patrick Marold, who designed Virga, was excited about the collaboration with composer Morton Waller. "I am honored that he would even consider composing an original sound work as a response to my sculpture," he said. "I know that he has spent extended periods of time watching the sculpture transition with the changing light as it reveals different characteristics throughout the day, and I can hear the inspiration in the piece he has created. What he has done is truly original and rare, by taking bagpipes completely out of their context and utilizing their harmonic capabilities to reveal a chromatic sound work that I think will affect any listener."
Outman- Virga1.jpg
Kelsey Outman

Outman- Virga10.jpg
Kelsey Outman

More pictures and video below!

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MCA Denver

1485 Delgany St., Denver, CO

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