Reader: These Auraria pictures remind us of a once vibrant neighborhood

pite photos.jpg
The construction of the Auraria Higher Education Center four decades ago wiped out much of the earliest part of Denver. But Jonathan Pite, a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a masters of fine art in photography, documented much of this changing area in 1977. And today, his photographs are included in the Auraria Library Special Collections Department.

Says Maryloudesign:

A great story and photographic record. Although the Auraria campus is beautiful, the pictures remind us of the once vibrant neighborhood, culture and heritage. Their history lives in those wonderful photos.

Gentrification, highways, industrial encroachment and poverty threaten other historic communities, such as Globeville, Swansea and Elyria. Easily accessible from I-70 (one of the highways that decimated those communities) and worth the visit. Bring your camera.

Read about the changes at Auraria -- as seen in the Auraria archives -- in this post by Shaughnessy Speirs.

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