Q&A: Artist Daniel Crosier of Mother Mind Studios

Photos provided by Mother Mind Studios
Mother Mind Studios is turning into a motherlode of creativity. The new digital media company, which promotes and produces feature films, comic books and other artistic endeavors, has developed a strong team including visual artist Daniel Crosier, director/producer Dane Bernhardt, writer Cuyler Mortimer, editor Jose Medina, director Stephen Santa Cruz, photographer and graphic artist Norman Dillon and DigiFest director and producer Mike Hance. Two of their productions, Isolation Man and Colfax & 15th, screened at Denver's Comic Con in June, and the team is excited to move forward with future productions.

Westword recently talked with Crosier about the studio and upcoming plans.

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Colfax & 15th Trailer from Joel Stangle on Vimeo.

Westword: What productions does Mother Mind Studios have in the works?

Daniel Crosier: We have one feature film right now called Colfax & 15th that Stephen Santa Cruz directed a few years ago. He didn't really know what to do with it. Then I prompted him to start screening it. We had a screening with the Denver Film Society. We've really been pushing it on the film festival circuit... It was the last film screening [July 11] at the Downtown Film Festival in L.A, which we think is a big deal. It's about an expectant father who gets sucked up into a world of criminality.

We have another production, Isolation Man, which I'm co-directing. It's a mockumentary. It's absurdist, grotesque, which I'm more into. It's about a vanishteer who can make things disappear. We've been in production for about a year. [We're] doing editing now and animation bits and music, so hopefully we can premiere that in the fall.

Picture from The Enigma's Facebook.
We're developing a project with the Enigma, too. A horror film for him. The Enigma is covered head to toe in puzzle tattoos. We have him on the TV show The X Files, making monsters in his likeness. He recently tattooed the whites of his eyes and inside of his mouth black. He's been trying to team up with Rob Zombie's production company.

Another project we're working on is with Heather Dalton. She's a producer at PBS. It's a documentary called Neil Cassady's a Beat Generation and Muse. He was idolized because he was a free-loving person who often threw caution to the wind. He grew up in Denver during Prohibition. His half-brothers were running booze for gangsters, and his dad beat the shit out of him. It's a documentary depicting his youth and what he means as an icon and inspiration to people that really grew up in the whole Beat generation and writing culture. We're working on animation segments as segues to the storytelling. PBS will be airing that film.

Most of your productions are based in Denver. Is it just convenient?

We're here. It's accessible. Denver has a fantastic backdrop and characters that should be depicted as such. With Colfax, Stephen was able to use the underbelly as the backdrop and really paint a more descriptive image.

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