Reader: Appreciate the magic of movies without worrying about the actual setting

Cliffhanger is allegedly set in Colorado -- but Italy is a stand-in.
Colorado's splendid scenery seems like an ideal backdrop for movies. But while a handful of films have been made here over the past few decades, many movie crews actually use stand-ins for scenes allegedly set in Colorado. Melanie Asmer detailed some of these stunt doubles in "Ten movies and TV shows set in Colorado -- but filmed somewhere else."

But that's just the magic of movies.

Says David Scott:

There are many films which are set somewhere but filmed elsewhere. I saw one movie which was set in New york but the movie was actually filmed in Switzerland. We must appreciate the works of directors and camera men who made these films without letting people to doubt the place.

What's your favorite movie filmed in Colorado? What's your favorite movie fake-filmed in Colorado? Post them below.

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