Share your worst bridesmaid dress (or your worst story), win tickets for Bridesmaids

Some of us hate Bridesmaids, if only for the fact that it likely was one of the reasons Kristen Wiig decided to leave SNL. Oscar nominations will do that to an actor/writer.

However! We found a pair of tickets to see the movie at Film on the Rocks on Tuesday night at Red Rocks, and we know that many of you love Bridesmaids. So we're willing to give these tickets up to our readers.

Find out how to get them below.

1. Send us the photo of the ugliest bridesmaid dress you've had to wear. Just drop a link to the image in the comments (we suggest uploading to an easy picture-sharing site like

2. Or, tell us your best/worst story that involves being a bridesmaid at one point in your life.

Make sure you leave your e-mail address with your comment somehow -- even with your Disqus profile. This is so we can contact you; we won't share your e-mail with anyone. And if you're the winner, we'll contact you on Monday!

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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Amber Taufen
Amber Taufen

I am ineligible to win, however! This story must be told. I was in a wedding five states away and was asked to order the dress (which can be charitably described as HIDEOUS) six months in advance to ensure it came out of the same dye batch. (Heaven forbid it be a slightly lighter or darker shade of puke green than everyone else's dress.) I went to David's Bridal to try on the style -- which is a whole story in and of itself; that place is terrible -- and picked it up a few weeks later, hanging it up in my closet and forgetting about it, without trying it on. The night before we were getting ready to drive to the wedding, I figured I should try it on ... and it was too tight. WAY too tight. I got it zipped up -- barely -- by completely flattening my chest and not breathing at all. So my options were a) to not eat for the four days leading up to the wedding, or b) to find a David's Bridal somewhere along my route to the wedding and exchange Hideous Dress #1 for a Hideous Dress that fit me properly. Thirty minutes from my destination, I managed to exchange my way-too-tight dress for another in the same style and color that actually fit me. (Probably didn't come out of the same dye batch, though.) No time to hem or alter it in any way. But the bride never had a clue. (I also managed to get dirt, chocolate and a stuffed mushroom on my dress in the span of one day, and I threw it away as soon as I got home -- it was too ugly to inflict on anyone else, even Goodwill.) Worst $250 I ever spent on an outfit ... and the shoes were even uglier than the dress.

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