From Auraria's Archives: Hand-bound Eisenstein art homage by Lawrence Jordan

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The Donald Sutherland collection archived at the Auraria Library Special Collections Department reflects a particular area of interest for the late University of Colorado Boulder professor: avant-garde art and experimental artists, many of whom he corresponded with. (He also wrote to authors; we recently wrote of the signed Thomas Hornsby Ferril books in the archive.) But there's one curiosity in the collection whose presence is a mystery; no one, not even Lawrence Jordan, the artist who made it, knows for sure how it got there. It's a small, handmade art book made of stills from Sergei Eisenstein's 1944 film, Ivan the Terrible.

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The book is made from a brown stock, and stills of some of the film's most compelling frames are pasted on the pages. The inside cover bears the director's initials and surname in big block letters: S.M. EISENSTEIN. The page facing it carries an exaggerated sketch of the bony, broad-shouldered Ivan.

The inside back cover has the most information, and reads: "100 copies hand printed by Larry Jordan/ frontispiece drawing by Eisenstein." Everything is bound together by a delicate, hand-tied string. The book itself is a work of art, carefully arranged and crafted to pay homage to the classic Eisenstein frames.

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