The USA Pro Cycling Challenge ushers in second year of bike art installation

Colin Livingston's creation.
When it comes to art and bicycles, Ivar Zeile knows how to keep the wheels turning. The owner of Plus Gallery, Zeile -- who was in charge of curating last year's inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge bike art installation -- is taking the project for another spin, as Colorado again plays host to the international bicycle race.

This Wednesday, the thirteen finished art bicycles will make an appearance at PlatteForum, before they move on to Denver International Airport for an installation that will greet visitors in August.

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Mike Bernhardt's bike.
Last year, the theme of the project was countries, and artists were picked and assigned a particular nation based on their own affiliations. This year, the scope has broadened, with a new round of local artists brought in to work with participating cycling teams. "The directive this year was to not repeat the country methodology, but what teams are racing specifically, and assign an artist to them," says Zeile.

"Coming up with the artists this year was easier in some ways, without having the limitation of the countries," he continues. He already had a few artists in mind -- some based on their work with creative agencies within Denver, and some who were known bike enthusiasts -- and started from there. "We also wanted to extend the invite to some community groups as a nice gesture and challenge," says Zeile of the inclusion of PlatteForum and DAVA Youth in the project.

He also took suggestions from others in the art community to come up with the thirteen artists and group collaborators for this year's USA Pro Cycling Challenge art project. Along with the two community organizations, the list of participants includes Andrew Hoffman, Mike Bernhardt, Vincent Comparetto, Tracy Weil, Matt Scobey, Colin Livingston, and collaborations by Sander Lindeke and Emily Hinson, Conor Hollis and Amorette Lana, Cultivator, Sukle Advertising and the Ladies Fancywork Society.

Lana & Holis.jpg
Conor Hollis and Amorette Lana are collaborating.
Matt Scobey's bike.

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