Dive into T.J. Miller's "Denver" video!

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When we interviewed hometown-boy-gone-big T.J. Miller last week, he'd just gotten back to Beverly Hills and was preparing for a quick trip to Denver to debut his new Nix Bros. collaboration: the "Denver" video that premiered at Film on the Rocks Tuesday. After that, Miller headed straight to London -- but he'll be back in town tomorrow for his three-night, five-show run at the Denver Improv (get ticket info here).

To prepare you for that, here's Miller's new video, complete with scenes outside East High School (his alma mater), inside Casa Bonita (he dives into the pool) and under "Mustang" at Denver International Airport. Before it's over, you'll be proud to say "I'm from Denver."

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Denver Improv

8246 E. 49th Ave., Denver, CO

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Creighton Linza
Creighton Linza

Sounds a bit like Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang


Dia gets thanked twice and Smokey (00:25) gets nothin!? Pshhhh


Nix Bros CRUSH the video. Too bad the song kinda sucks.

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