Vintage nude photo show brings back the work of John B. Post (NSFW)

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John B. Post
Twelve years ago, Stevyn Prothero inherited a hefty stack of nude photographs taken by beatnik photographer John B. Post. Originally though, Prothero -- known by the moniker Iron Feather, a longtime online store and former-Denver book and zine retailer -- was called upon to check out the contents of Post's extensive book collection, not the nudes. "They were going to be thrown away," says Prothero of the photographs of women taken by Post in the '60s and '70s. Luckily, they weren't. Beginning at noon tomorrow, July 14, Prothero will share this collection with the public for the first time in the former The Other Side Arts space.

Prothero says he is still in the midst of researching Post and his work, but so far, he's only found a handful of local newspaper clippings mentioning the photographer's existence in Colorado. He did discover something of note: a particular image of a nude woman -- a photograph exhibiting Post's expert use of light and shadow -- that was awarded first place by the Colorado Press Association in 1969.

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John B. Post
Working out of Leadville and Denver, Post also had a professional studio in Brooklyn, New York in the '50s. When he died in Denver in 1999, hundreds of women -- some identified by full name, others unlabeled -- had stepped in front of his lens, for images that the artist developed himself. Also an accomplished landscape photographer, Post used Colorado's outdoor brilliance as the backdrop for his nudes from time to time, too.

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The Other Side Arts (former space) - CLOSED

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