What's in your bag? Marc Jacobs, a master's thesis and more!

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This week, Denver street style is taking cues from New York's Marc Jacobs, whose high-end fashion and leather goods are a symbol of luxury to people around the world. While the air here is hot and muggy, with sudden showers threatening the afternoons, Denverites keep pushing the style thermometer. Weather forecast: Jacobs is always in style.

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Name: Beatriz Contreras

Spotted at: 14th and Curtis streets.

Profession: Contributor for a street-style blog, Style Informant, and works in retail.

Favorite film: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I enjoy how trippy it is, plays with reality.

Summer anthem: Peter, Bjorn and John's "Nothing to Worry About" and "Freedom," by George Michael.

Style inspirations/ icons: Kate Moss has a very heroin-chic, music-festival fun style. Yoko Ono is someone I admire. Also, Johnny Depp is inspiring, as he is very grungy yet somehow clean. His well-kept grungy look is cool for men.

Favorite accessory: A staple piece of my wardrobe, a black vest that is studded with pyramids. I get compliments on it all the time, but it's not real leather.

Favorite color: Purple, because it's a safe color for both men and women to wear, and I also like grapes.

Style mantra: How do I want people to view me?

Shops at: Thrift stores, Express, skate shops and Michael's.

"I like when people mess with accessories," Contreras says. "Their outfit may be bland, but their accessories could pop, be really cool and stand out." Today she rocks a silver band, a braided brown-leather strap, a saint bracelet and a beaded skull bracelet, as well as a music festival-inspired headband and animal-printed blouse.

The studded sandals complement the white leather studded purse that she carries today. Always on the go, Contreras usually has an umbrella and laptop with her, but not today.


Take a look inside Beatriz Contreras's bag on page 2!

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