What's in your bag? Spirituality, Chipotle and more!

While there have been fires in the forests and fireworks in the sky, the streets are also on fire -- with hot, hot fashion. Check out this week's eclectic mix of frontwoman and skater styles.

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Name: Tamara Rodriguez.

Spotted at: 12th and Washington.

Profession: Lead singer of local band Plastic Children.

Favorite film: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

Summer anthems:
"Sprout and the Bean," by Joanna Newsom, and "Trunk Muzik," by Yelawolf.

Style inspirations/icons
: The House of Givenchy and its whole evolution. Industrial goth kids, bag ladies, Mother Earth, drag queens, club kids, different cultures, and people who just don't give a fuck.

Favorite accessory:
My talisman.

Favorite color:
Deep emerald green.

Style mantra:
Connect with yourself, and tell yourself to be the best you can be.

Shops at:
Buffalo Exchange, thrift stores, nature in the woods. I recycle old clothes by cutting them up and making them new again.


This tattoo that Rodriguez has inked on her knee is a sign of her will to always be playful and creative, like children who play tic-tac-toe for hours: "Friends always call my style whimsy and funky," says Rodriguez.

The band Plastic Children is very genre-mixing, Rodriguez says, with everything from trip-hop to jazz to soul-pop to metal, and caters to music fans with a broad palette: "Come check out our show this Friday at NORAD on 22nd and Champa. Support local music and local everything." Check out the event page here.

See what's in Tamara's bag on page 2!

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This is spiritual news if I've ever heard it.  I like the idea of being more playful in life.

Shaughnessy Speirs
Shaughnessy Speirs

Is it still really a spiritual talisman if you have to buy it on Etsy?

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