A brief cinematic history of Mars

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Mission to Mars 2000
Here we have an even better cast -- headlined by Don Cheadle, Tim Robbins and Gary Sinise -- failing to make an awesome Mars movie. Sure, it fares a bit better than Red Planet, with Rotten Tomatoes offering this one a 25 percent. Come on, though! That cast alone should automatically put you in the mid-30s, even if they're just reading the phone book. On the other hand, the French apparently liked it pretty well, with one French movie magazine calling it the fourth best film of the year 2000. (Of course, the French also love Jerry Lewis films, so...) And if you ever wanted to see Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins in a Brian DePalma-directed knockoff of 2001 (mission to Mars goes awry, they meet some aliens, Sinise flies off to be with them; all it's missing is a hostile computer), this is likely your best shot.

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