The Book of Mormon: Catch up before you go with our ten best posts on the play

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It's almost here, guys. This Tuesday will mark the official opening date of the national tour of one of the laugh-crackingest, award-winningest musicals in recent history -- but more important, it came out of local minds. We've been writing about Matt Stone and Trey Parker's The Book of Mormon since long before the first stop in its national tour was scheduled for Denver. (In fact, we've been writing about Parker and Stone since they were students at the University of Colorado, creating a film about Alferd Packer.) The result is a compendium of useful (and occasionally useless) information for the ticketholders and ticketless alike.

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10. Local boys made good
South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone hail from Conifer and Littleton, respectively, which officially means we get to call them hometown heroes whenever they break another boundary. (This keeps happening.) In last year's Best of Denver issue, Westword named the duo Best Former Colorado People to Watch after they promised to offend everyone with their latest project.

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9. Five things you need to know
In honor of the musical's forthcoming trip to Denver, we crafted a brief (and sarcastic) guide to Mormonism. In the post, narrated by writer Jenn Wohletz, we touch on their friendly demeanor and devout beliefs -- in the unbelievable. For an even more in-depth look at the religion, check out this shallow guide by Pete Kotz.

8. Tell us what you really think
Some of Westword's best coverage (or at least the most insightful) has come from our commenters, who consistently write in to tell us what they think of Parker and Stone's latest success. Some drew offense from the play's inspiration (and the post on the list before this), telling us that other religions wouldn't be taken as lightly. Others took themselves less seriously and gave us advice on how to get tickets: through other people's romantic misfortunes.

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