The Book of Mormon opening night: What the ticket holders had to say

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Photos by Nathalia Velez
Nick Casias dressed up for The Book of Mormon debut.
Coloradans and visitors from other states put on their short-sleeved button-up shirts, ties, backpacks and bicycle helmets and made their way down to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House last night for the opening of The Book of Mormon. And even if they didn't don full-on Mormon attire, these fans felt lucky to be attending opening night of the show by Colorado natives Trey Parker and Matt Stone. And we know, because we spoke to a handful of those who scored tickets for the hottest gig in town. Click through for more photos and hometown reactions to the Tony award-winning hit, starting with the fan above.

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Westword: What brings you to this show on opening night?

Nick Casias: It's the grand opening. I really wanted to go see it, so I got all my friends together. I'm a big South Park fan and I'm big into musicals, so it kind of aligned. It had to be on opening night, though. Five years from now we're going to remember not only that we were there, but that the first [touring] night was in Denver.

Rebecca Sunshine and Matt Zelinger.
Westword: What have you heard about the musical that made you want to see it?

Rebecca Sunshine: I have a friend who saw it and said it was South Park on stage.

Matt Zelinger: I like the idea that it's debuting in Denver and then we can say "I remember when..."

Sunshine: And it's exciting, as CU grads, that the writers are CU grads and they're doing well in the world.

Brad Ficek.
Westword: Do you think the show will live up to your expectations?

Brad Ficek: I've been following it ever since it opened in New York and, you know, it just happened to open in my home town. I expect to laugh until I cry because everything I've heard about it is just amazing.

Click through for more photos and reactions.

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Julie Barrickman
Julie Barrickman

I wish, the ticket price would require me to see a kidney.


That was the first preview, not opening night! Opening night is Sunday. But this is awesome. :)

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