The Book of Mormon opening night: What the ticket holders had to say

April McAlister.
Westword: Do you think anyone will be offended by the show, considering the controversial subject matter?

April McAlister: I actually went to a Mormon church and learned about the religion. I don't see why anyone would get offended; it's a show and that's not their intention. If anyone has seen South Park, they should know what's going on.

Dan Condon.
Westword: Do you expect to see people getting offended by the content of the show?

Dan Condon: Any kind of poking fun at organized religion excites me. I would hope folks know enough about Parker and Stone to know what they're in for.

Abi Dvoark and Paige Nalow.
Westword: Based on what you've heard about the musical, do you think some people might find it offensive?

Paige Nalow: We've heard it's the best musical ever written. It's not offensive, it's humorous.

Abi Dvoark: I think that [writers Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez, of Avenue Q fame] have enough intelligence where it's written in a way that's satirical.

Carrie Murphy and Brad Trexell.
Westword: Why do you think the show has been so successful?

Carrie Murphy: I heard the soundtrack, and it's hilarious, so I want to see the actual musical. The music is great, so I assume the staging will be on par with that.

Brad Trexell: I've already seen the show. I loved it. It was funny and filthy and naughty and all those things, but it was also not necessarily just about Mormons. It could have been any religion, really. And I thought musically it was genius. They clearly knew a lot of the history of Broadway musicals and worked that all in.

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Julie Barrickman
Julie Barrickman

I wish, the ticket price would require me to see a kidney.


That was the first preview, not opening night! Opening night is Sunday. But this is awesome. :)

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