The Book of Mormon opening night: What the ticket holders had to say

Lexi Strickland.
Westword: Is it weird to see the names Matt Stone and Trey Parker associated with a Broadway musical?

Lexi Strickland: It shows how musical theater is becoming more a part of our culture, that it's being accepted. This show is going to bring a lot of people that aren't necessarily musical theater people, but people who appreciate comedy.

Cheryl Hansen
Westword: How did you land tickets for tonight's show?

Cheryl Hansen: We're season ticket holders and it was part of our package. Plus I think we probably wanted to see it anyway; I've heard so much about it. I think it's going to be funny and thought-provoking. It will be an experience.

Chris Narum, Ann Marie Brown and Jeremy Make.
Westword: Have you been holding on to your tickets since January?

Ann Marie Brown: Yes. [Narum] waited in line for four hours, they ran out six people in front of him and he still managed to get them on his phone.

Jeremy Make: And then gave them to his best friends and didn't over-charge them at all.

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Julie Barrickman
Julie Barrickman

I wish, the ticket price would require me to see a kidney.


That was the first preview, not opening night! Opening night is Sunday. But this is awesome. :)

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