Five prizeworthy parts of the 2012 Denver County Fair

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During a long weekend at the new, improved, second annual Denver County Fair, one thing became very apparent: There's no way to see everything, and there's nothing you'll want to miss. We caught spelling bees and speed-knitting contests, an art gallery that seemed like an endless maze, cooking and composting demos, stilt-walkers and creepy clowns, chickens and alpacas and cavies and bears. Fair director Dana Cain calls the event her love letter to Denver, quirks and all, and that it is. Here are just a few reasons why.

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Blue Ribbons

Deep down inside, we all want to be winners; at the Denver County Fair, it was more than possible. Winning is the sweet secret of the fair: You can sew, cluck, bake, eat or innocently crawl and drool your way to a blue ribbon in the space of three days, and that feels great.

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