Denver artist Mario Zoots makes his Mexico City debut inside a big white cube

Denver artist Mario Zoots makes his Mexico debut this week.
Although today he's known primarily as an Internet artist, Denver's Mario Zoots will return to his "physical art" roots with a feature show in Mexico City that opens this week. After making a name for himself in the international art community -- showing net-based works in Germany, Italy, Amsterdam and Brazil -- Zoots will head to Mexico Thursday on a six-day venture that includes two art shows and one DJ set. "I'm meeting up with all these artists and curators whom I've only known through the Internet," says Zoots, "but they all know my work."

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"I'll be showing at the Preteen Gallery in Mexico City," continues Zoots. "It's run by this guy Gerardo, who's this big twitter personality who tweets a lot about his homosexuality and meth use. The gallery is a big white cube; one room with four white walls, with florescent lights at the top. And it's fucking bright. Every show that Gerardo hosts there is only four pieces, one for each wall."

Zoots's show there is titled I Just Wanna Be as Pretty as I Feel, and the four pieces he'll be showing are made of vintage materials that contrast with his typically tech-drenched creative image. "All of the source material is from 1965-'75. I used the covers of old science fiction paperback books and vintage magazines, which I got from the Denver Book Mall," he says. "I felt bad tearing them up because they're so beautiful; I really love aged things. The pieces are dual in that there's a collage on one side, and then the inside cover of a pulp novel on the other side. I've been trying to go from one extreme to another, going from Internet art that's very modern, using images of Brittany Murphy and Whitney Houston; and now I'm making these older pieces that feel like they could've been made fifty years ago."

Zoots Ghost.jpg
Mario Zoots
In characteristic Zoots fashion, his trip to Mexico is not dedicated just to the one Preteen gallery show. "I'll be DJing at this rave on September 1 at this space called the Negative House," he says. "It's a DIY space a lot like Rhinoceropolis. And then I have a one-day video screening at the Neter gallery; it's an experimental project space for young Mexicans in Mexico City. I'm going to be doing live video mixing during someone else's physical art show. It will be all appropriated images, video and animated GIFs, and I'm going to mix them all together with a mini-controller."

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