Read an excerpt from Noah Van Sciver's The Hypo; get the book at Kilgore tomorrow night

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Noah Van Sciver
Noah Van Sciver, one of the hottest commodities in the region's comic community, set out to picture Abraham Lincoln in a way not yet explored in comic form. The resulting graphic novel, The Hypo, recalls Lincoln's early treatment for his chronic melancholy, a purge that involved a sadistic variety of physical shocks, from the ingestion of poisons to starvation, under the care of a nineteenth-century physician.

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Yes, it's weird and creepy, and Van Sciver captures it incisively, as the following pages reveal. Read on for a sneak peek at the novel, which Van Sciver will introduce to the world on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., right here in Denver at Kilgore Books, where he sometimes works. Visit Kilgore online for details.


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