Reader: Scientology gets a free pass, while "news" outlets focus on Mormons

The Book of Mormon may seem gut-bustingly revolutionary, but creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are building on a tradition of god-mocking that is as old as belief itself, Josiah Hesse reveals in his pop-history of religious satire.

From Chaucer and Voltaire to Kevin Smith and Bill Maher, comedians have drawn the bottomless well of religious satire, which never seems to run dry.

Says Steven M. Palmer thinks one group is getting a free pass:

Funny how everyone is suddenly taking an interest at pointing out the shortcomings of the LDS church but not a damn one of these "news" outlets has the balls to point out the uber-scam that $cientology is much less to do an hour long TV special on it.

Of course, Parker and Stone have taken on Scientology in South Park -- but so far, no musical about it. Then again, so far no Scientologist has run for president...that we know of. Does Scientology deserve to be the focus of more serious scrutiny -- as well as satire? Post your thoughts below.

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