You are what you sit on at the Sh%ts & Giggles Charity Art Show

Most toilet seats are meant to be sat upon. But once in a while, there comes a throne cover fit to decorate a wall. And that's the case with the seats going up for auction tomorrow night at the Sh%ts & Giggles Charity Art Show -- though event organizer Adam Rose of the Fallen Owl Tattoo shop says many of them are also perfectly functional.

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Decorated by more than thirty local tattoo artists and illustrators, the seats will be available for bidding beginning at 8 p.m. Friday at Local 46; auction proceeds benefit the Action Center. Visit the Sh%ts & Giggles Facebook event page for details.

And in the meantime, how would one of these look in your bathroom? Here's a preview of the deluxe toilet seats:

All photos courtesy of Fallen Owl.




More photos follow on the next page.

Location Info


Local 46

4586 Tennyson St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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