Ski Porn: MSP, Stept Productions, Level 1 unveil 2012 video trailers

Colorado has become the Hollywood of the adventure-film business, and the local ski-porn premiere season will be in full swing by this time next month. But the Colorado-based crews at Matchstick Productions (MSP), Level 1 Productions and Stept Productions have already released tantalizing teasers for their 2012 films. Here's a sneak peek:

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Superheroes of Stoke Trailer from MSP Films on Vimeo.

Yesterday the Crested Butte-based MSP crew released the first full trailer for its twentieth anniversary film, Superheroes of Stoke, with two decades of highlights since the release of the 1992 film Soul Sessions & Epic Impressions, and flashing forward on the future of the sport with such skiers as Richard Permin, Mark Abma, James Heim, Sean Pettit, Jacob Wester, Cody Townsend, Ingrid Backstrom, Russ Henshaw, Eric Hjorleifson, Michelle Parker, PK Hunder, Riley Leboe, Gus Kenworthy, Logan Pehota, Sam Anthamatten, Leo Ahrens and Aidan Sheahan.

"We never knew we'd make it this far," said executive producer Murray Wais, in a statement released with the trailer. "So when we realized that this new film would represent a milestone in MSP's history, we decided to relate where we've been to where we are now. Skiing has always meant everything to us, and we're all living in a really exciting era for the sport. This movie captures that excitement and puts it on display courtesy of the latest filmmaking equipment available."

The Eighty Six Trailer - Stept Productions from Stept Productions on Vimeo.

The Boulder-based Stept Productions crew won "Best Jib Movie" at the 2011 IF3 International Freeski Film Festival for the 2011 film Weight and will be following it up this year with The Eighty-Six, an equally jib-tastic take on skiing that features Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan, Cam Riley, Charlie Owens, Shea Flynn, Matt Walker, Parker White, Noah Albaladejo and Justin Norman, among others.


Stept's 2012 ski film presents a migration from ski resorts to cities...and then back to the mountains. Everyone in the Stept crew skis, films and works on the project together, sneaking from location to location, taking guerilla filmmaking to new levels. Facing obstacles like broken cars, fires, law enforcement, competitions, water parks, parents and Denver Broncos security, they're able to consistently pick up, leave and continue filming elsewhere.

Sunny Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

And the future is looking Sunny for Denver-based Level 1 Productions: After relocating its headquarters from director Josh Berman's basement on Downing Street to a new storefront at 3333 Larimer Street last month, Level 1 was the first out of the gate with a trailer and will open premiere season with its annual blow-out on September 8.


They say the lack of sunlight affects our mood, that the natural balance of the human mind state quickly shifts with presence of the giant solar fireball in the sky. But this isn't about winter blues or summer depression. Sunny is a mental disposition, and not just one reserved for beaches and fun parks. Level 1 injected a positive mood into the ski season - giving a dose of light therapy to dark northern landscapes of Scandinavia, Alaska, Japan and British Columbia.

Sunny features skiers Parker White, Chris Logan, Mike Hornbeck, Tom Wallisch, Wiley Miller, Eric Pollard, Torin Yater-Wallace, Ahmet Dadali, Tanner Rainville, Will Wesson, Alex Bellemare, Adam Delorme, Josh Bibby, Tim McChesney, LJ Strenio, Logan Imlach, Spencer Milbocker, Sig Tveit, Niklas Eriksson and Lucas Stål-Madison, among others.

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