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At tonight's installment of the Denver Film Society's Women + Film series, PeaceJam's Dawn Engle will be the woman, and The Mayan Renaissance will be the film. This fastidious and lovely history of Mayan civilization and culture fast-forwards into the present, as it is seen by Nobel laureate (and PeaceJam star) Rigoberta Menchu Tum, another woman of note; it's the first in a collection that Engle and Ivan Suvanjieff, her partner in PeaceJam and in life, hope to produce in the coming years.

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The Mayan story told in the film is not always pretty, but it ends on a note of hope hanging on the true meaning of the Mayan Prophecy that many have interpreted as an end-of-the-world prediction. Menchu Tum's forecast, on the other hand, is a positive one, which augurs a more promising future.

See the film and then join Engle in a discussion of what lies ahead for the Mayan people at the Denver FilmCenter tonight at 7 p.m.; for information and tickets, $12 to $15, visit the DFS online.

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Sie FilmCenter

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jesward81 1 Like

I know this is a somewhat biased opinion being that I work for PeaceJam, but I love this film! There is nothing else like it in terms of really understanding what has lead to the myth that Mayan people have disappeared and also in terms of  understanding what has led to the oppression of Mayan culture--all told from the Mayan perspective with a focus on Mayan leadership today.  I hope there is a packed house tonight to see this important film!


Thanks so much for this great story!

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