What's in your bag? A rubber flamingo, catnip and more!

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While many are counting the days until fall, others are still reveling in summer's glory. Catie Long is one of those. We spotted her on South Broadway, where her fashions were a definite standout. Find out more about Long's funky, vintage street style straight ahead.

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Name: Catie Long.

Spotted at: Broadway and Irvington.

Profession: Art student at the University of New Orleans.

Favorite film: I love old exploitation films like Hobo With a Shotgun and Lord Love a Duck.

Summer anthem: Anything by the Rolling Stones or Al Green.

Style inspirations/icons: Janis Joplin, 1970s funk, Marvin Gaye and David Bowie.

Favorite accessory: Old hats.

Favorite color: Coral, or fluorescent peach.

Style mantra: Wear whatever you want, and look fabulous. Don't be afraid to try new things. Do what you love and have fun doing it. Don't worry about others' opinions.

Shops at: The Goodwill in New Orleans and Omaha, primarily.

Fresh from lunch, Long still had her to-go box when we spotted her original style. What's in the box? Leftover spring rolls, of course.

Tattoos are like permanent accessories inked on our skin to show off to the world; they can reveal a person's character and interests as well. Here we have an Egyptian-like beetle that Long had placed on her underarm because she's fascinated with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Near her ankle is a messy trash can that resembles Oscar the Grouch's humble abode. "I got this trash can because I'm from Mississippi originally and wanted to honor that white-trashy place that I came from," Long says.

This octopus is the first tattoo that Long got when she was a teenager, and has no real story behind it other than she just wanted that octopus!

Take a look inside Catie Long's bag on page 2!

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