What's in your bag? Back to school with hairspray, mints and more!

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This week marks the return to school for many students, and with the start of a new school year comes a blast of new fall fashion. Even temperatures still in the 90s won't dissuade some students from going for extra-credit in their autumn attire -- sun or no sun. Keep reading to find out what today's avant-garde young adults are rocking on the Auraria campus.

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Name: Nina Dadabhoy.

Spotted: Outside Auraria Library.

Profession: Sophomore at Metropolitan State University of Denver studying broadcast journalism.

Favorite film: All the Harry Potter films.

Summer anthem: "Tic-Toc" by Ke$ha is a fun antidote to some depressing songs I listened to this summer.

Style icons/inspirations:
I just don't like to look like everyone else. I like to look different and stand out.

Favorite accessory: I'm really liking these suspenders I bought yesterday.

Favorite color: Royal purple.

Style mantra:
Be myself, but better.

Shops at:
Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters. I like to shop at Express and Justfab.com if I can afford it.

Dadabhoy is one of the few women to wear heels to school, keeping her a step ahead -- and above -- the rest.

Check out what's inside Nina Dadabhoy's backpack on page 2!

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