What's in your bag? Khakis and Acne Paper magazine

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It's only August 1, but occasional raindrops foreshadow the arrival of fall. So does fashion spotted on the streets: People are starting to sport pants again. In fact, we recently caught Fancy Tiger's Matthew Brown rocking trousers with a tank. Find out more in this week's installment of Denver street style.

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Name: Matthew Brown

Spotted at: First and Broadway.

Profession: Co-owner and operator of Fancy Tiger.

Favorite film: Noah Baumbach's Kicking and Screaming.

Summer anthem: Anything by Part Time.

Style inspirations/icons: I've always been inspired by my friends, particularly James Holden, who is a fashionista.

Favorite accessory: I love bracelets. I have two or three heavy brass bracelets, and I always have one of them on. I'm always aware of their presence.

Favorite color: Blue. I like all shades, really.

Style mantra: Is this me? Dress for your personality.

Shops at: Fancy Tiger, Buffalo Exchange, Nordstrom, small boutiques when I travel.

"I'm really looking forward to traveling to Iceland in September. I'll shop around and see what's out there," says Brown. His clothing boutique, Fancy Tiger, will start selling men's shoes in the spring.

And speaking of shoes, Brown picked up these smokey, heather-gray ones from Nordstrom. "I like androgynous clothing," he explains. "We can look at women's style to see what is going to happen next in men's fashion. Women's fashion changes more often, is more dynamic, and informs men's clothes."

Bracelets are a favorite Brown accessory. This chain-link gen is both subtle and masculine at once. Brown takes a hands-on approach to designing garments. "I have been tailoring my own pants since fifth grade," he says. "I installed snaps I bought at Michael's to the ankle of my jeans to make them more fitted and tailored. Sometimes you have to say fuck all the rules of fashion. Not just for the sake of doing it, but if you want to take a chance sometimes, then do it. But be comfortable as well, and make sure it's your taste."

Check out what's inside Matthew Brown's bag on page 2!

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