Everything adds up as the LIDA Project embarks on its 18th season

Remember when you turned eighteen? Maybe you felt like you'd seen it all -- but more likely, you knew that a grand personal story was about to unfold. You felt excited and afraid. But how about a theater company? What about Brian Freeland and the LIDA Project, a company that's made its name over eighteen years by taking wild chances? How does Freeland top himself?

We're about to find out: LIDA's eighteenth season opens tonight with Add It Up, a remixed version of Elmer Rice's expressionistic 1924 classic, The Adding Machine.

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LIDA calls Add It Up "some crazy meta-media theater" on its Facebook event page, and that's just what we expect from the experimental collective -- in the 21st century, technology is where it's at, and LIDA is marching forward right alongside, with a barrage of interpretive multimedia for a play that in some ways predicts the future. Freeland writes in explanation:

It is sound. It is light. It is music. It is words. It is images. It is machines. It is humans.

It is about love. And hate. And murder. And death. And rebirth. And dancing. And eggs.

And then he adds this invitation:

This is everything you would expect from LIDA plus more. If its been a while since you've seen a LIDA show, fall in love/lust with us again. If you are a regular, we can't wait to see you (you hipsters...)

Now go see it. Add It Up lights up work | space at the Laundry on Lawrence with sound, video and fury beginning tonight at 8 p.m. Shows continue at the same time on Thursdays through Saturdays, through October 6; for tickets, $18 to $20, go to the Eventbrite page. Or visit LIDA online for information.

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