Photos: At two local galleries, feminism is as urgent as ever

nancy slyter consume.jpg
"Consume" by Nancy Slyter.
For this week's art review, Westword critic Michael Paglia focused on feminism in two simultaneous shows at Ice Cube Gallery and Pirate: Contemporary Art. And before even analyzing their art, he offered up this apology: "I was wrong. Apparently, the subject of feminist art is as urgent and relevant now as it was back in the '70s, when it first appeared." For his full conclusions, read Paglia's review. In the meantime, continue reading for examples of the art that made him do a mental double-take.

holly johnson swimming to find an unspeakable sound .jpg
"Swimming to Find an Unspeakable Sound" by Holly Johnson.

holly johnson the blank mood of haunched limbs.jpg
"The Blank Mood of Haunched Limbs" by Holly Johnson.

jennifer harrington galoshes.jpg
"Galoshes" by Jennifer Harrington.

pink collar glam christine buchsbaum contemplating a dark room.jpg
"Contemplating a Dark Room" by Christine Buchsbaum.

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