The best BDSM movies: Five more options for your viewing pleasure (Images are NSFW)

Teresa Ann Savoy & Helen Mirren - Caligula UR - 1_4.jpg
One of the many steamy scenes from 1979's Caligula.
Can you ever have too many lists of the best kinky, BDSM -- or BDSM-ish -- movies out there? I don't think so. There is just too much steamy, sensual, strange, sadistic, masochistic and prurient cinema to ignore -- and these films aren't even meant to be porn. Naked, sweaty movie orgies, stark scenes of captivity and control, naughty priests and nuns and Ellen Barkin: Kink comes in many forms, and sometimes appears in places you'd never imagine. But lucky for you, we've located this list of five more of the best BDSM movies -- spank you very much!

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Strip search movie photo.jpg
A scene from 2004's Strip Search.
5. Strip Search (2004)
If you've ever had a fantasy -- or more than one -- about being strip-searched by the authorities, then this made-for-HBO film is a crucial watch. The movie is meant to be a commentary on overzealous security measures post 9/11, and it stars Ken Leung, Bruno Lastra, Glenn Close and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal is best-known for her smoking hawt performance as the submissive secretary in 2002's Secretary, and if I were in charge of the "Best Pubic Hair Ever" awards, she would get a shiny golden statuette for showing off her dark, perfectly groomed landing strip in this movie. The gritty realism of the two main characters being forcibly strip-searched is definite wank-fodder of the highest degree. (And I won't be a total spoiler here, but cavity searches are involved.)

Ellen Barkin gets bi-curious in 2000's Mercy.
4. Mercy (2000)
I'm sure I'm not the only one who really, really enjoys watching Ellen Barkin being slutty. She's old enough to be my grandma, but I'd still rock her like a hurricane. This 2000 crime thriller has Barkin as a detective tracking a serial killer when she stumbles across a secret ladies' BDSM club -- so much for the sewing circle -- and kinky, bi-curious hijinks ensue. Again, no major spoilers, but this movie contains everything you'd want: murder, sex, bondage, nudity, a predictable plot and terrible acting. Also more nudity and bondage.

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Michelle Pearl Mobley
Michelle Pearl Mobley

Westword is wasting our time by creating this list. Nothing like local yellow journalism (and, I use the word "journalism" loosely)

Clint Jahn
Clint Jahn

The Secretary should've been on that list.


Gyllenhall's perfectly trimmed bush in no way makes up for her stupid hound dog face.

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