Reader: Blinky is one of those childhood memories that sticks out

Russell Scott, aka Blinky the Clown, was laid to rest yesterday, with a memory-filled ceremony. "He always said he couldn't wait to see who was going to be at his funeral," Shannon Schrum told Michael Roberts. "And one of the requests he had is that everybody wear a red clown nose."

And so they had red clown noses on hand for the service. Recalls Schrum, "He said, 'I want everybody to wear a clown nose. I want them to be happy and celebrate my life, because after all, I was a clown.

And Blinky's fans appreciated that. Says Shanti:

One of the childhood memories that sticks out in my mind after all these years is watching Blinky. Rest in Peace.

What are your memories of Blinky? Post them below. And read Michael Roberts's interview with Schrum, who wants History Colorado to install an exhibit dedicated to Blinky, here.

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