Reader: Scientology? Why not a movie exposing Christianity or Mormonism?

Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master.
Five years after Paul Thomas Anderson released his Oscar-winning There Will Be Blood, he finally has another movie coming out -- and this time, he's ready for what will follow. "I've made six movies, and I feel like I'm only just finally figuring out how this business fucking works," Anderson said last month, the night beforeThe Master debuted in New York City.

The elapsed time isn't the most remarkable thing about this film, though. The Master describes the early days of a self-help religion that bears more than a passing resemblance to L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology.

And in the film, Philip Seymour Hoffman does a riff on Hubbard himself.

But Scientology isn't the only religion worthy of the cinematic treatment, says Alfredo:

I wonder if someone will make a movie exposing Christianity, Mormonism, or even the Branch Davidians... not that there is really any story there...

For the story behind the making of The Master, read our Paul Thomas Anderson interview here.

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A film exposing Christianity? Try life of Brian. Highly recommended. Incidentally I am strong supporter of the scientology philosophy and look forward to seeing the Master. It sounds great. 


There have been hundreds of films about Christianity. They don't have secrets and "processing" you have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to undergo.

This will be the first Hollywood movie about Scientology and the methods they use to lure in members and attack critics.

sidsnakey 1 Like

Ooh, just remembered...."Life of Brian".

Of course no one would dare to make a similar film about Scientology since if they did they would be labelled "bigots" and "haters". Also, more importantly, they would have their waste-bins sifted through, their pets would die mysteriously and Tom Cruise would try and marry their daughter.


This is what the Church of Scientology tries to do - they try and change the discussion to make it about religion, when actually the reason "Scientology" is in the press all the time these days is because of the abuses being carried out under the cover of religious freedom.

Disconnected families, coerced abortions, bankrupt members pressured into selling all their assets to pay for services, slave labor, human trafficking, violent abuse at the top - these are the crimes that the Church of Scientology must be brought to justice for - this has nothing to do with religious freedom, unless of course you believe that a church should be able to put such things in its scriptures and then get away with it - in which case Scientology is the religion for you!

I actually think there is a rich vein of material for film-makers in Scientology - if The Master is successful and triggers interest in the subject then film producers may be interested to know there is a mountain of history to Scientology out of which a hundred films could be made.



Patricia, I just checked you out on google. You seem fixated on this sort of thing. Maybe you need some auditing. Better yet, run, don't look back, See what it is like to have some real freedom.


I don't think your question makes much sense. There are many films about religions other than Scientology, and some great ones. But here are a few good reasons why the time is ripe for ANOTHER Scientology movie. The trail to the first days of Scientology is clear. There are still people alive who saw it when it was in those early stages of development. With that, and the fact that it can't live up to its claims, show it to be a transparent scam, created by a man who would later be sentenced to jail for fraud. Also, as for the religion part, in Hubbard's own words that was an "angle" for the concern of accountants and lawyers.


In my country it is the only criminally convicted religious organization since confederation, but it is not a "religion", it is a para-religion. In France, where it has also been criminally convicted it is a sect, not a religion. The supreme court of the United States decided that it is not a religion but one man at the tax office, Fred Goldberg, under tremendous pressure, said that it was so here we are.


Please do not equivocate. Scientology is a "religion" like no other. More likely it is a shady multinational with a small religious component.


A better question would be, "Why do we have all those Mafia movies but so few movies about Scientology". Or, "Why do we have all those biker movies but so few movies about Scientology?" The reason would be people don't want to be called religious bigots or be subject to harassing, baseless lawsuits. It is high time.


What do you think the answer is? Could it be, "the suppressives don't want people to improve"?


@Christianitynew we should make sure the reader knows that christianity and mormonism are not the same. Or even close.


"The Last Temptation of Christ" was already made into a movie.


Apparently a Branch Dividians fiilm is in the works as well.


The Mormons just have a musical so far, though.

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