The Narrators returns with real-life storytelling at the Deer Pile

It's nice for people to be able to come and check it out before they position themselves to try storytelling in front of an audience. I can imagine it being a bit daunting?

I can relate to the fear, for sure! I know that for some people, it's a crippling fear. And that's real. But I hope (they) do come. And in building the Narrators for the future, I know Andrew has been really, really cognizant that the group of people he has been drawing on in the Denver scene to come tell stories -- he's got the white, straight, male comedian contingent covered really well.

But he's also tried very hard to get away from that; he doesn't just want this to be the monthly show where people can go watch comedians tell serious stories from their life, or whatever. He really wants it to be a place where people who are fans of long-form stories can get perspectives from all across the spectrum. We recognize that it is a big challenge for us, too -- overcoming this obstacle of knowing we are just white dudes who are telling stories.

The crowds are into everything -- and they are just awesome. It's not a comedy crowd; it's a crowd that's into people who really get into stories. The challenge is, how can we find those people? How can we let them know that it is a safe space to come share your perspective?

What's the best way for someone who might be interested in telling a story to participate in a future edition of the Narrators?

We'll be announcing (information) at every show and people can feel free to approach us, but they can also contact us through our Facebook page, or send us an e-mail,

The other sort of balancing act is we don't want horrible storytellers. I know in the past Andrew has had people get up and there's no narrative, they just talk about all of the horrible things in their lives. Or they lie and they're obviously lying. We have to figure out a vetting process, but we very much want people to contact us and talk about it. It's not an intense vetting process, but we don't want someone hijacking it and telling a thirty-minute story that no one wants to hear.

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The Deer Pile

206 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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