Photos: Meet the local artists behind Westword's best-looking boxes

westword boxes general.jpeg
The annual Westword Music Showcase is always a good time, but in one small but noticeable way, this year's event has become a permanent street party. During the course of the 2012 musical mayhem, eight local artists shared their time, paint and skills with Westword to completely re-envision our traditional red street boxes. Steven Kuc of Soldier Ink Design, 2010 MasterMind and self-proclaimed Art Pimp Eric Matelski, Scott LeFavor, Yeyo Mondragon of Certified Customs, Maximilian Shiffman, JOUVELT and Mike Hornbeck for SOAPOINT, and Annie Denison all lent their names and brands -- and in the process gave our boxes some serious street cred.

Continue reading for photos of each box in its new location.

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Annie Denison.

Painted by Annie Denison, this box now stands at 969 Broadway -- immediately in front of the office from which this blog post was published.

annie denison box in front of westword.jpg

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