What's in your bag? Anne Rice novels and Madonna patches

Fall is almost upon us, which means it's Tori Amos season! As the weather turned, we stumbled upon Eric Garcia, a guy who may have a professional day job, but still has fun with his wardrobe.

Continue reading to discover his fashion philosophy, where he shops, and what he keeps in his backpack.

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Name: Eric "Ewok" Garcia.

Spotted at: 23rd and Champa streets

Full-time legal assistant; part-time musician.

Favorite film: All About Eve --1950s, Bette Davis, I love it.

Summer anthem:
"Nine Lives" by the Midnight Juggernauts.

Style inspirations/icons:
Punk-rock bands from the late '70s to '80s. I love all things in the rockabilly genre and fashion designed by Alexander McQueen as well.

Favorite colors: Black and red equally. I like to be dark and brooding.

Favorite accessory: My studded black leather bracelet. I wear it with everything, even to the gym and to sleep by accident.

Style mantra: If you can work it, you can wear it. If it makes me feel comfortable and smile, then I'll go for it.

Shops at: Fashion Nation, thrift stores, Las Vegas and Chicago, Hot Topic and vintage shops.

Garcia altered this denim vest himself, placing all of the patches, pins and chains to his liking -- plenty of Madonna patches, some Alice in Wonderland buttons and countless others. Garcia's side project is a gig as lead vocalist for an upcoming band called Death Day Cabaret.

Check out what's in Eric Garcia's bag on page 2!

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