What's in your bag? Local comic Kristin Rand spills fashion philosophy

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With autumn arriving on Saturday, many people are ready to sport new looks, complete with coats. One of them is local comedienne Kristin Rand, who has many humorous observations on Denver street style.

Continue reading to learn Rand's personal take on fashion, the best place to people-watch in the city, and what she stores inside her purse.

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Name: Kristin Rand.

Spotted at:
15th and Court streets.

Nanny during the day, comic at night.

Favorite film:
I recently watched Moonrise Kingdom and I thought all the characters were beautiful. Jared Gilman as Sam Shakusky was brilliant.

Summer anthem:
Usher's latest album, Looking 4 Myself, was on repeat all summer long, and I don't feel guilty about it. A key track is "Climax."

Style inspirations/icons:
I love anything that is bohemian, but I also love easy, feminine dresses. i like to keep it simple.

Favorite accessory:
Sunglasses. I have a ton of them, a whole drawer full.I'm addicted.

Favorite color: Although I love a rainbow of colors, I usually like to wear peacock colors: teal and purple.

Style mantra: I typically dress up for most of my shows, as opposed
to getting dressed to work with kids. The most fun I have dressing up is before a show, because that's the Kristin I want to put on display, on stage. My mantra is to keep it simple but feminine. I always make sure the clothes are flattering and make me feel confident.

Shops at: Goodwill, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Ross, basically anywhere that stuff is real cheap and you can go to a bunch of different stores and find things that no one else will have. I'm not a big boutique, full-price type of person.

This stone elephant is Rand's wardrobe staple. "I wear it every day and it used to belong to my grandmother," she explains. "When she passed away, I found it on a shelf in her home and made it a necklace. I get compliments on it all the time."

"I think that style is an art form, and I appreciate it the same way that I appreciate art," she says. "Some people use the term 'hipster' and have all this animosity towards people who go to places like City, O' City. But I love to go to City, O' City especially, and watch what people wear there, because even their hair is styled as if for a movie."

Check out what's inside Kristin Rand's purse on page 2!

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