What's in your bag? Rock-inspired menswear and more!

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Denver will be all about fashion during today's Fashion's Night Out. But as we continue to move toward fall, more and more people are bringing out new fashions every day. Here for your viewing pleasure is a double dose of menswear that emphasizes the DIY punk-rock aesthetic. Meet Slug and Cassius Wolfe, who prove that not all the best fashion is found on the Parisian runways: It can be crafted with your own hands at home in Denver.
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Name: Slug.

Spotted at: Jamba Juice on 16th and California.

Profession: Guitar player for unsigned band, also dabbles with drums.

Favorite film:
Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Summer anthem:
"Bad Kids" by the Black Lips.

Style inspirations/icons: I'm really into punk-rock looks and DIY.

Favorite colors: Black, green and purple.

Favorite accessory: Hats, and black or white bandannas.

Style mantra: I throw on whatever I find first.

Shops at: I buy all my clothes from thrift stores.

This is an Iron Maiden belt buckle that Slug worked into his wardrobe.

slug 4.JPG
"People should dress how they feel. I make all the clothes I wear and cut and sew zippers and patches on," says Slug. "Sometimes I trade patches with friends spontaneously if we both want to."

Slug usually carries his guitar case and plays on the 16th Street Mall for tips. We caught him on an off-day, though, without his bag and instrument. Slug was just out enjoying a smoothie.

Check out Cassius Wolfe's style on page 2!

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