Photos: Behind the scenes at the landmark Paramount Theatre, artifacts from 1930

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Paramount 17 - Ian Marzonie and John Scheck.jpg
Sam Levin
Ian Marzonie (left) and John Scheck of Kroenke with an old projector at the Paramount Theatre.
In this week's Westword cover story, "It's a Mall World After All," we recognize the 30th anniversary of the 16th Street Mall by visiting some of the most important sites and looking back on its history in the heart of downtown Denver. As part of this effort, we took a tour of the landmark Paramount Theatre, which first opened its doors half a century before construction on the Mall began and still stands as the only historic theater of its kind in Denver. Here, we take you behind the scenes at the Paramount, which is home to artifacts that date all the way back to its first movie screening on August 29, 1930.

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All photos by Sam Levin

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The Paramount Theatre

1621 Glenarm Place, Denver, CO

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I was hoping you'd show the staircase leading to the backstage .

It must be around a dozen yrs ago ,

I fell from the top taking out EVERYONE in Dokken ,

resulting in a missed show and a trip to Denver Gen ........

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