Debate 2012: The twenty best Big Bird memes to result from Romney's comment

big bird 9.jpeg
Is Big Bird endangered? If today's Internet anger counts, maybe not.
The wild round-about that was last night's presidential debate came with a big load of soundbytes ("And by the way, I like coal"), none of them more Google-friendly than Romney's take on the large yellow star of Sesame Street. Romney told the world he loves Big Bird but would still cut funding to PBS. "I'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for," he said.

For fans of the world's bizarrely proportioned bird, this was the shot heard round the world. And the morning after, the Internet has exploded with fake (and funny) social media accounts devoted to the fair-feathered mutant -- and hundreds of memes to go with them. Continue reading for our twenty favorite takes on the beef between Romney and Big Bird.

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