FOUND Magazine's Davy Rothbart on dumpster divers, shared stuff and the human condition

Peter (left) and Davy (center) Rothbart.

Davy Rothbart is famous for his love of detritus. Ten years ago, he launched FOUND Magazine, an exuberant, low-fi celebration of things left behind: love letters, Post-It notes, journal entries, birthday cards, shopping lists and other strangely revealing minutiae of human existence. FOUND's pages are hilarious and heartbreaking; often, they're both at once.

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Though Rothbart remains the magazine's most intrepid finder, it's a group effort. That's part of the reason he and his songwriter brother, Peter, have taken to the road for FOUND Magazine's 10th Anniversary Tour. They'll visit the Bug Theater, at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, October 24, for a show that will include readings and music inspired by stuff in the new issue, as well as excerpts from My Heart Is an Idiot, Rothbart's new collection of essays.

In advance of that appearance, we asked Davy to share some thoughts from the road, and what keeps FOUND going.

Westword: You're doing more than seventy dates on this tour. Do you like being on the road?

Davy Rothbart: Being on tour is such a great way to see the country, to see friends and meet new, interesting people. So many people have come into my life as a result of being on the road. And there's something adventurous about going to so many places and so rapidly having these experiences accumulate on top of each other. It's like a surreal wave.

How does being on the road fuel the magazine?

We always get a ton of finds in each city we visit. FOUND is really just a gigantic community art project, and it requires participation of people all around the country and the world. The tours function almost as a way for me to get people excited and inspired to contribute. After each visit to a city, we always get a ton of finds.

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